Making the journey together is my goal

I develop not only software but concepts focused on the user.

Creating software is an exciting task in and of itself – not only seeing a machine work but playing a decisive role in bringing it to life. My passion is designing operating concepts and experiencing the satisfaction of watching users interact with them
intuitively. This is what drives me every day.

Benefit from my experience in creating concepts for the operation and user experience of machines. I also create modularized software for your machine series.

What are the benefits? With modularized software, you have considerably less maintenance effort. Once created, functions are always immediately available to you for use in different contexts or as upgrades to existing systems.

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Difficult-to-use software is a nightmare, even when it works.
To prevent this from happening, we work out the concept together with you and the future operators. You can trust us – we have years of experience in usability and user experience.

I deliver value to our clients by:

  • Offering a fresh view of the task, free from complicated procedures or structures
  • Searching for simpler solutions
  • Monitoring the user experience and providing further adjustments and refinements
  • Providing lifelong product support


I’m always looking for new ideas to improve the user experience. This flows into my constant process of innovation.

If the user experience is as it should be, an interface is simple, fast and easy to learn. If a user enjoys operating a system, production efficiency increases immensely.

This is where PLC comes into play, which has a significant influence on the overall machine control package. By designing our software individually around the PLC, I add maximum value for the operator and your company.


I want to be your first choice software outsourcing company.
I can fulfill this goal because we:

  • Guide our daily work to add value for your company using your feedback.
  • Make you a part of our solutions and bring you the benefits of this cooperation.
  • Continue to support you long after the job is complete
  • Support your innovations across years as objective and procedures evolve.

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Hey, what’s up?

Whatever happens, we remain at your side as a reliable partner for industrial software solutions.

... and hardcore programming

Yes, you read that correctly.

Being user-oriented and providing hardcore programming are two goals that can perfectly complement each other – as long as both skills are mastered.

  • My hardcore programming know-how means that I can quickly provide you with a solution
  • My user-oriented approach means I prepare the way as well as possible for you to easily interact with our software.

See me as bridge builders in extremely difficult terrain – I meet this challenge every day.

If you don’t have such a big challenge, no worries – I’m happy to take on and solve
your small problems as well.

EFARO Industrieprogrammierung

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