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Commissioning with virtual models

What it offers your product

Want to write and test machine automation software simultaneously to the design and construction of the machine?

What if you could re-enact and solve unexpected behavior of a controller after delivery without leaving the office?

This might sound quite unspectacular at first – but when software controls hardware, is it really possible to commission and test the software without the hardware? Look for a bug?

Here, the virtual hardware model is becoming more and more important.  It enables extensive simulations to be carried out long before the real machine exists.  The knowledge gained can, for example, already be incorporated into the design of the machine.  Could sensors have been left out of the plans?

An already extant machine may have to be modified during commissioning at great cost.  This drives up costs.  Every mistake detected earlier increases the efficiency of your project.

Our Offer

We provide virtual commissioning as an add-on service – you decide for yourself whether you’d like to benefit from it.


  • Time and travel costs are minimized. The majority of the commissioning process can take place in our office.
  • Project duration is significantly shortened, because the software can be tested in our virtual hardware environment parallel to design and installation.
  • After delivery to the customer, unexpected behavior can be reproduced off-site and potentially without also having to take the plant partially out of production.
  • Retrofit special case: Length of production downtime can be shortened considerably. Plant production can recommence weeks earlier, a not insignificant cost factor.


  • In total, more time is required for the project due to the modeling of the digital twin.
  • After the hardware has been commissioned, the digital twin may still need to be refined.

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