human machine interface (HMI)

As long as there are machines, a user interface is required.

The human being. Driven by the desire to discover and research, he or she develops, tries, tests, all with the goal of improving the quality of life. The harnessing of electrical energy led to an enormous leap in innovation in the last century. We can only be amazed at what we have achieved. Now, we have to use it sustainably. This is what we’ve always had to balance: our fragility, our needs and the desire for reliability.

Here is exactly where modern software development comes in. Usability is important, but not everything. The individual is center stage, his or her feelings, thoughts, and experience. What do I expect? Can I do the job? Am I already looking forward to using the software in the future? By supporting the individual, we can increase efficiency.

Unique HMI Design

We live and think 3-dimensionally. Let’s think back to when cartoons were still flat, 2-dimensional. We loved them then, but what look what has happened over time – modern animated films have discovered the third dimension. And we’re fascinated, aren’t we?

Our company has succeeded in bridging the gap between the 3D trick technology and HMI design.

How it is look like when its done, you can see in our showcase area.

What can you expect

Intuitive use

The operator sees familiar things from the real world, making the information much easier to process and absorb. The result is a faster response to unexpected events.

Safe money

Creating graphics is faster and simpler with HMI than the standard methods. Beyond that, the HMI looks better. So, you save money twice: once when creating the application and again because an operation can get up to speed much more quickly.

Focusing on what is important right now

Special animation allows the operator to quickly concentrate on important areas. This allows him or her to react more effectively to events.

Innovations for you product

Is your product is something special? Outfit it with a user interface from us and highlight its unique selling points.

How it all began - The story

Inspiration struck when I was working on a small project for a gravel plant in 2010. I started experimenting. I wanted to find out if it my idea brought added value and how it could best be implemented. (Enrico Schicht, Founder)
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Screenshot of my first 3D project

The first attempt

In 2010, I received an assignment to retrofit a gravel plant in Switzerland. In approaching the project, I decided to experiment with different designs.  I wanted to do something more than manually assemble a graphic pixel by pixel. Beckhoff CX1000-Series was chosen as the PLC, which allowed me to easily use This gave me all the freedom that I needed. You can see the results here on the left.

Each device view offers additional functions that the operator can activate by touch.

It was a true experiment, but through it I learned many new and different ways of designing HMIs.  The customer was impressed.

The next stage

The next project I took on was much more intense, but I was motivated to implement my new design here as well.

The arrangement of the elements was fixed by the customer, who wanted all of the information to be displayed on the main screen at the same time.

Compared to current design ideals, the layout looks rather overloaded, but in the customer’s defense, everything was displayed on a large 24-inch monitor.

I also created an animated introduction that runs when the program is launched and fades into a view of the main page.

Screenshot of the TIA-Portal of the diamond coating machine (2011)

The customer was impressed and told me he had never seen anything like it.  The best moment (no joke) was when I was sitting with the machine working on conditioning and debugging when the door flew open and about ten guys came pouring in. One of them was carrying a video camera and started recording and captured my animation on film. This was absolutely one of the best moments of the project and it really showed me that I was on the right track.

Rapid fire

In that moment, a design was born.  Since then I’ve fitted many industrial HMIs with this feature, always with the same positive customer feedback.

What surprised me the most was that it was much faster to create suitable graphics for an HMI using this technique than older, to today still more commonly used methods. Back then I still had a lot to learn, and in the meantime my efficiency has greatly increased. I can optimally support my work with software I created myself.

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