The challenge

What makes software development for machines different?

Most coded software is created to complete set tasks: write a letter, perform a calculation, edit pictures, accounting and billing or some other such task. Software requires nothing more than an operating system or framework to operate, making it easy to add more features and distribute updates.

But software developed for a machine gives it life. Very often this software is unique, just like the machine. But even specific, particular software can have components that can be reused in different settings, such as servo drives, cylinders, sensors, etc., though of course a given software cannot be applied universally to all machines.

What happens when machines are very similar? When two machines produce the same product, but the steps for making the product differ according to the requirements of the customer, the number of mechanical parts needed can vary.

When this is the case, software engineers very often tend to take of software from a similar machine and alter it to develop unique software for the new machine.

That’s just fine. Well done. Next machine please.

But software is never perfect. When an engineer finds bugs in the twentieth copy of this software, it slowly but surely becomes harder to maintain previous versions of the software.

Here is where we provide the solution

Every piece of software for a mechanical unit is customizable or can be deactivated through our settings. The HMI automatically adapts the PLC configuration.

Over 10 years specialized experience
Since 2007 we have worked on solutions for modularizing software. We have tried and tested many different ways to develop simple solutions that bring the greatest benefits. We have discovered how to make software as flexible as possible.

Benefits of modularized machine application development

Fast commissioning

Because all proven software components are held on to, the software continues to be used on the next machine. No matter what traits the new machine has, the implementation staff doesn’t need to debug or modify this software. They can focus directly on the hardware and bringing the machine to life. We provide diagnostics to support your workers, meaning that you typically don’t need your own in-house software expert.


Being flexible means anticipating possible developments and future customer requests. We bear these possibilities in mind while developing software. This enables us to act and react fast – this is our promise.

Most flexible, fast & effective development

PLC software is very flexibly designed. It follows the concept of separating ‘functions’ and the ‘hardware driver’. That allows new options or hardware devices to be added quickly. The HMI is connected to the ‘functions’ by standard interfaces only. Thanks to
this, changing a device does not necessitate changing the function of HMI itself.

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