universal modularized control software development


Layout Design, Development, Testing


This software is a real chameleon. It was designed and created to support typical PVD systems, and can be used for new machine development or for upgrading old machines as well.

The PLC software is based on the Beckhoff CX5100 Series controller. It supports: 2 rotations 6 gas flow controller, 1 bias and anode power supply, up to 15 magnetron or arc power supplies from different producer including Advanced Energy, Solvix and
Trumpf, and 1 heating function, including up to 6 temperature sensors for monitoring or control. Heating can also be sourced by pulse width modulation (PWM) or a different thyristor controller.

All functions including the water-cooling system are freely configurable.

The Recipe-Editor supports drag and drop functions and allows a user to spring freely between 100 layers and supports repeated loops. Process values can also be set within the formula by the operator.

To get reliable overviews this software has a comprehensive data logging and batch reporting system. The configuration is a part of the recipe and so unique for every product.

The software provides comprehensive data logging and batch reporting to reliably trace processes. This can be configured individually for each product.